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Justin Bieber Reckless Driving Again — You’re Not Licensed to Drive Here

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Justin Bieber isn’t supposed to be driving, but got pulled over for doing just that.  It looks like you have some people who think that because they’re rich and famous, they can do anything and break any law.  Maybe that’s the way the country works, since we know that any poor kid caught doing the same thing would be going to jail.  Bieber made $55 million dollars last year, so…

Justin Bieber Banned From A Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving Facility

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Justin Bieber seems like a little nice guy, however establishments are not having his presence. For some reason, JB has been banned from a skydiving facility. I’m sure every time this young man is spotted in an establishment there is some form of ruckus, but that’s not the reason he’s been banned. Supposedly Bieber didn’t want to pay-up in Vegas after him and his crew enjoyed skydiving and the equipment,…