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Justice for Michael Brown means different things to different people

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FERGUSON, Missouri – Some members of the Ferguson community believe it’s a mix of both local residents and people from out of town “destroying their neighborhood.” Several stores in the St. Louis suburb are boarded up because looters have destroyed doors and windows, in addition to stealing everything their hands could hold. It’s been more than a week since Ferguson teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed, following an alleged “altercation” with Darren Wilson….

Obama Calls Michael Brown Tragedy ‘Heartbreaking’

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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama weighed in Tuesday with his first public comments on the shooting of an unarmed African American teenager by a police officer, a controversy that has gained nationwide attention and sparked days of protests in the St. Louis suburb where the altercation took place. On Aug. 9, Michael Brown, 18, was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The Ferguson Police Department has said that…

From a Lemonade Stand to the F.U.L.L. Program

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By Yolanda Spivey Ty Allan Jackson didn’t know his life was going to take a different turn when his son made $50 from a lemonade stand he opened one spring day.  After earning money from the make shift stand, his son didn’t know what to do with the profits.  So Ty took his son to a bookstore to find a book about finance and entrepreneurship and to his dismay, he…

Was Marco McMillian’s Death Actually A Hate Crime?

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By Staff Blogger Marco McMillian’s murder has gained a lot of attention, especially by the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC). This group is pushing the U.S. Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service (CRS) and Civil Rights division to investigate the murder of McMillian, who was a gay mayoral candidate in Mississippi. Recently McMillian’s body has been found burned and beaten by the Delta. The police have a 22-year-old by the name of…

Meet the Man Who Sneaks Into Prison, Smokes Cigarettes With Inmates

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Reported by Malcolm Morrow New York authorities are reporting that a s*x offender has been entering jails across the city disguised as a police officer. Matthew Matagrano was arraigned on impersonation charges following his arrest on March 2. Witnesses who have seen Matagrano report seeing him smoking cigarettes with inmates and walking around the correctional facility with ease. The union head, Norman Seabrook, was extremely upset about the events that…

New York City’s 850,000 Dead Bodies to be Identified

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The remains of 850,000 people are in a trench in pine boxes on an island off New York City. They are people who have died in the city and were never identified. Now, with new DNA technology and anthropology, armed with recent federal funding, the dead bodies may finally be identified. So far, thanks to the new funding, dozens of bodies have been exhumed by the city medical examiner’s office….