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Cop gunned down teen, then named Officer of the Year

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“Cops give a d@mn about a Negro, pull a trigger, k¡ll a n¡gga he’s a hero..” -2Pac One of the officers who gunned down 16 year old Kimani Gray has declined to accept a “Cop of the Year” award due to community pressure, reports ThinkProgress. Gray was fatally wounded in 2013 when two plainclothes NYPD officers opened fire on him. Officers alleged that Gray pulled a revolver on undercover cops,…

Kimani Gray shooting death: East Flatbush wholesaler offers alternative to violence

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    Pat Russo is worried. The ex-narcotics cop runs a boxing gym called Cops and Kids in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, where Kimani Gray, 16, was shot dead by police on March 9, triggering neighborhood protests that have sometimes grown violent. Russo worries about a return to the bad old days of mayhem in the area. “I remember 1987 when my father bought this building on Utica Ave. to start…