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New York’s Homeless Build Shelter Inside Manhattan Bridge

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by Barry Burch Jr. When it comes to humans, neither food, water or shelter is an option, they are mandatory.  But unfortunately, in New York, prices are simply too high for some residents to be able to afford all three.  Therefore, some residents have decided to take matters into their own hands by turning the Manhattan Bridge into a rent-free residence using only plywood and ingenuity, as reported by Mail Online. Rents…

Harvard Educated Professor Decides to Live in a Dumpster for a Year

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by Barry Burch Jr. Dumpster diving meets Extreme Makeover Home Edition. A professor, who received his education from Harvard, has boldly taken the mission of promoting sustainability by committing to spending one full year living inside a 33-square-foot dumpster, as reported by Mail Online. The professor is Dr. Jeff Wilson of Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas.  His teachings are about environmental science and he is interested in spreading the word that “less is more.” Wilson is…

600 Pound Woman Overcomes Her Depression by Posing for Male Admirers for Money

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by Barry Burch Jr. Depression can lead to a lot of places.  For one mother-of-three who lost her daughter while in the process of birthing her, it led to her reaching a staggering weight of more than 600 pounds, as well as to her entering the adult entertainment world as an overtly plump pin-up girl. In the vicious cycle that is obesity, Christina Paez snacked her way to becoming bed-bound.  For years she…