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Smash and Grab Jewelry Heist at Memphis Mall Valued at $700 Thousand Loss

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By Daphne R Thieves in Memphis, Tennessee entered a mall on a mission to take Rolex Watches. A little after 7:30 pm on Saturday, January 18, five men wearing all black hoodies and black pants reportedly targeted Reed’s Jewelers, inside the Wolfchase Mall, in Memphis, bearing sledgehammers and guns, according to witnesses. The thieves used their sledgehammers to smash the glass display cases and grabbed about 65 Rolex watches, stuffing…

Man Caught after Rαping His Ex-Girlfriend

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By Daphne R Near Memphis, police caught a man who has been on the run for a month whom they believe is responsible for a vιolent rαpe. Pierre Polk was apprehended for allegedly beαting and rαping a Millington woman while she held her baby in her arms. The incident occurred back on November 29, but police just found Polk hiding in a area hotel on Monday night. In an interview…

Smartphone Repair Guy Fired after Soliciting Photos from a Customer’s Phone

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By Daphne R Getting a cracked screen repaired on a smartphone is usually a routine, carefree occurrence for most people but not so for a woman in Memphis, Tennessee this week. WMCTV News Channel 5 in Memphis, interviewed a female who wanted her identity to remain anonymous. She revealed to a reporter that she dropped her smartphone off at IFixAndRepair (IFAR) inside the Wolfchase Galleria mall to get her cracked…

San Antonio Spurs’ Player Gets Sent Away From a Memphis Restaurant

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Sometimes, when you play good basketball, you get punished for it.  Maybe it was because the Spurs are kicking the Memphis Grizzlies in the butt, but Tony Parker was denied the chance to sit in at a local restaurant in Memphis the other night.  The streets are buzzing about it, but the restaurant says that the denial had nothing to do with the playoffs.  The Houston Chronicle says that it…

Fedex to Hire 20,000 For Holiday Season then Cut Thousands in 2013

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On Monday, FedEx announced that they would be hiring 20,000 temporary workers in preparation for a very busy holiday season. The leading US package delivery giant is expecting a surge in deliveries, this year, over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. FedEx Corp. is predicting that the day with the highest volume of deliveries will be  December 10. On December 10, the company expects to deliver  19 million shipments. This is…

Mom Beats Man With Baseball Bat For Allegedly Molesting Her Sons

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A 27-year-old mother of two young boys (eight and nine years of age) is being charged with assault after nearly beating a community coach to death for allegedly molesting her sons. “I asked my son, ‘Did he touch you bad, did he touch you down there?’ And my little boy said ‘Yes,’ and I said ‘Was it just you?’ And he said ‘No, he touched some more kids,’” Richmond told…