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Facebook revenue jumps 61% on mobile ad strength

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SAN FRANCISCO — Fueled by strong demand for mobile advertising, Facebook extended its hot streak in the second quarter, gaining on its chief competitor, Google, and positioning itself as a top player in digital advertising. The giant social network scorched analyst estimates for the ninth straight quarter. Facebook grew revenue 61% and more than doubled second-quarter profit while making even more money from ads targeted at users on mobile devices,…

Why? Justin Bieber Attacked At A Nightclub In Canada

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Justin Bieber makes more money than any kid should be making in a lifetime.  But there are risks that come with being in the limelight, when your fans sometimes get a little out of control.  Justin saw some of this first-hand, when he was attacked by fans in Canada.   I bet a big chunk of that $55 million he made last year was spent on security.  Sounds like he’s…

Man is Suing Justin Bieber After He Was Allegedly Kicked

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If you ever go to a concert and get your behind kicked, make sure that you get beat down by a rich guy.  That’s the lesson here, as a man is now able to sue Justin Bieber for going through something that many of us have experienced for free.  Justin probably isn’t too worried about the lawsuit and is ready to pay it off, but if you’re as big as…

Kevin Hart Sued by Nightclub for Not Showing Up for a Gig

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Comedian Kevin Hart is America’s favorite funny man right now, but with more money come more problems.  Hart’s busy schedule has him stopping from one place to another, usually collecting a check in the process.   But when he wants to do something else, he just does it. Kevin is being sued by the Cameo Nightclub for not showing up to an event that he was scheduled to attend.  The…

More Money More Problems: Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy Asking For More Money?!!

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During the last court hearing, Aubrey requested between$15,000 to $20,000 so that he could reportedly maintain a “proper home” for daughter Nahla. In Thursday morning’s court hearing, though, Aubrey upped the ante by also asking for more than $500,000 (yes, you read that right) in order to cover his legal fees. To Aubrey’s chagrin, though, his request could not be attended to because he hadn’t filled out his paperwork correctly….