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Fast and Furious Star’s Autopsy: He Was Going 100 MPH and Badly Burned

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Paul Walker was best-known for his appearances in the film series, “Fast and Furious.”  It turns out that he died the same way that he lived.  FOX411 is reporting that, according to the autopsy, Walker and his business partner Roger Rodas were driving over 100 miles per hour at the time of their deadly crash. Their Porsche crashed into a tree on November 30 of this year.  His body was…

Teens Harming Themselves In Order to Look Better

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A lot of researchers are becoming concerned with the behaviors of teenagers these days. It is believed that teens are putting their health at risk in order to feel good about their bodies. New research shows that a lot of teens are at risk for these unhealthy behaviors as they strive to match the media’s standards. Over-training and steroid use are just two ways that teens try to develop the…