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Chris Christie Faces Mounting Suits Over Public Records

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NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took into office promising “a new era of accountability and transparency.” Yet after he won a second term last year and as he explores a run for president, his administration stands accused of routinely stonewalling even the most basic requests for public records. Attorneys involved in lawsuits filed in search of public records say they have seen a spike in the…

Teenager Who Sued Parents For Cutting Her Off Makes Up With Them

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by Barry Burch Jr. Life can be full of ups and downs, especially when raising a teenager is part of the picture.  An announcement was recently made at a press conference on Wednesday that the New Jersey high school cheerleader who gained media attention after filing a lawsuit against her parents is now back living with them. A new attorney was brought on board by the parents on Tuesday.  The parents…

Busted: Gov. Chris Christie’s former Aide Says He Knew about Bridge Closings

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It’s amazing how one little scandal can turn you from a presidential hopeful into deadmeat.  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was once a high flier in American politics, but that’s not true anymore.  Ever since it was revealed that his office may have made the decision to shut down a bridge as political payback, the world has been coming down on him.  Now, recent allegations may be the nail in…

Royal Caribbean Passengers Get Sick On A Cruise

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By Afiya J Watkins This seems like déjà vu all over again. Royal Caribbean’s ship, Explorer of the Seas left January 21 from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, headed to the Caribbean. Under normal circumstances, a 10-day Royal Caribbean cruise to an exotic destination would be pleasurable and exciting. That wasn’t the case for more than 600 vacationers who found themselves ill and unable to complete their trip. Guests aboard the…

Missing New Jersey Couple Found Dead

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By Daphne R Late in the month of December a young couple went missing in northern New Jersey. Prosecutors now say the couple has been found dead in a car inside the girlfriend’s detached garage. There have been no details released concerning the actual cause of death for 24 year old Jorge Rodriguez and his girlfriend, 25 year old Melissa Pereira. Authorities say the couple was found dead at 11:15…

New Jersey Governor May Have A Snitch On His Hands Willing To Cooperate With The Feds

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David Bloodsaw The prospect of prison will make the closest of allies turn against each other. A New Jersey Senate is investigating whether top aides colluded to cover up lane closures to the George Washington Bridge. The committee will send 17 subpoenas to individuals and three to organizations. Assemblyman Wisinewksi said names will not be revealed until everyone is officially served. Governor Chris Christie’s former appointee David Wildstein recognizes prison…

Four Arrested in NJ Mall Carjacking Murder

Four Men Arrested in New Jersey Mall Carjacking Murder Case

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By Daphne R Four men have been arrested in connection with a murder that took place at an upscale shopping mall in New Jersey after a carjacking went terribly wrong. The men were arrested after a five day manhunt for the murder of a young husband trying to protect his wife. Police referred to the crime as senseless and arbitrary. Three of the four men arrested Friday night were not…

Reports Show That 27 NFL Players Arrested Since Super Bowl

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  By: Madam Prezident It has been horrible offseason for the New England Patriot tight end.  I’m not use to athletes getting locked up for murder. Not since OJ, and by the time he was on trial his football days were completely over. This young man is in a tough situation. I’m not sure if this young man is guilty or innocent because I haven’t kept up with the facts,…

A four-year-old boy was found lying next to his mother's corpse. It is believed his mother had been deceased for five days.

Heartbreaking: 4-Year-Old Boy Found Lying In Bed With Mother’s Corpse

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Reported by Malcolm Morrow A four year old child was found lying next to his mother who had been deceased for five days in their New Jersey apartment. The young boy was too small to open the refrigerator on his own and was found looking hungry and disheveled. The boy didn’t first understand that his mother had passed away because officers say there were signs that he tried resuscitating her…

Family discovers bodies of stabbed mother and smothered 3-year-old in New Jersey

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  Tammy Pitts Gaddy, 40, was stabbed to death in her apartment and her daughter, Natasia, 3, was asphyxiated. The two were found in the basement TV room. The hunt was on Tuesday for a cold-blooded killer who fatally stabbed a New Jersey mom and smothered her 3-year-old daughter — apparently with a garbage bag. The bodies of Tammy Pitts Gaddy, 40, and her daughter, Natasia, were found in their…

Three Officers Shot at New Jersey Police Station

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Someone has been arrested for shooting police officers at  New Jersey police station.  The man opened fire on three officers and is now in police custody.  Police are searching for a motive.  This kind of violence makes you think that gun control is necessary in our society. A suspect under arrest was shot and killed inside a police station in New Jersey early Friday after he obtained a weapon and…

When it Rains….Another Storm Expected to Hammer New York City

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Its already been a rough season for the east coast after Hurricane Sandy both devastated and inconvenienced thousands of people. Now meteorologists are telling people not to ease up because there is another big storm coming. Sure, the worst of it has already come, but New York City and New Jersey are now expecting another battle against high winds. A Nor’easter is expected to blow through Sunday, bringing winds up…

$85 A Ticket If You Get Caught Walking While Texting

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Police in Fort Lee, New Jersey are issuing $85 tickets to anyone caught texting while walking in a clamp-down on dangerous walkers.In actions which could set a precedent for other police forces around the country, the Fort Lee Police Department (FLPD) have issued 117 tickets for reckless walking in just over one month. And while it is a common known fact that you should not be texting while driving, the…

Man Forcing Couples To Have Sex In Front Of Him Faces Life Behind Bars

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Police arrested a New Jersey man they suspect forced couples to have sex in motel rooms in front of him before he assaulted the women. Rasheed Powell allegedly attacked men and women in at least six motels in Elizabeth and Linden since March, prosecutors said. Powell, 36, threatened couples at gunpoint to let him into their rooms, according to CBS New York. After forcing couples to perform sex acts together,…