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First lady ‘outraged’ at Nigeria girls’ abduction

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WASHINGTON — First lady Michelle Obama expressed “outrage” Saturday at the recent abduction of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls, adding the U.S. was assisting the African nation in the effort to locate and return the children. “Like millions of people across the globe, my husband and I are outraged and heartbroken,” Obama said in the White House’s weekly address, which is usually delivered by the president. The first lady referred…

Nigeria Passes a “Jail the Gays” Bill that Leads to Instant Arrests

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The United States has been on a wave to support homosexuality, but the rest of the world has not.  In more conservative parts of the world, the gay community continues to live in the shadows and condemned as an abomination of God.  Nigeria recently passed a set of legal restrictions on gay marriage and homosexuality that have outraged the international community. Those in the church have applauded the measures, and…

Villagers Taken to Police Station so Chevron Can Drill for Oil

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Oil companies have entirely too much power around the world and harm too many people.  The companies tend to pay off the local governments and then tear into valuable land that could be used to feed millions of people.  After the companies take their oil and their money, they export it all back to rich countries as the local people continue to starve.  This happens all over the globe, especially…

Nigeria Floods, Katsina State, Four Dead, Thousands Homeless, Hundreds Farmless

Floods In Nigeria Claim Eight Lives, Thousands Of Homes, Hundreds Of Farmlands

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Nigeria is currently enduring a massive devastation from flooding. Leaders throughout the country confirmed the deaths of eight persons: three person from villages in Safana, one person in Kurfi, two siblings in Gungel village of Bosso, and two people in Zungeru of Wushishi. Eecutive director of Katsina State Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (RERA), Hassan Rawayau, told local news reporters “The magnitude of the destruction is alarming.” Rawayau declined to comment on…