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Bad Move Buddy: Aaron Hernandez Indicted For Murder Of Odin Lloyd

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NFL player Aaron Hernandez is learning the hard way that you can’t do whatever you want just because you’ve got an NFL contract.  The 23-year old player passed up on $40 million in his deal so that he could trade it in for prison wages, at least that’s what prosecutors are saying about the young man.  It’s unfortunate, however, since he could have been so much more.  He’s on trial…

Great: Aaron Hernandez’s Removed from Hall Of Fame

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By: Madam Prezident When I heard the story of Aaron Hernandez’s allegations to murder; I instantly thought Mr. Hernandez was a horrible man. What was most interesting about Mr. Hernandez was the idea that he picked a man up to kill him. The guy that he murdered wasn’t in a fight with him that got out of hand, Mr. Hernandez is a cold hearted killer. Now, before the hall of…