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Student tried to poison his teacher with hand sanitizer

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LAKELAND, Fla. — A 14-year-old has been arrested, accused of trying to poison his teacher with hand sanitizer. The incident occurred Tuesday, after teacher Ana Morejon of Crystal Lake Middle School in this city of about 100,000 halfway between Tampa and Orlando had stepped outside her classroom to discuss something with her school’s dean of students. While she was in the hallway, her students left their seats to line up…

WTF! Boyfriend Shakes 7-week Old Baby To Death

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A man was charged with aggravated manslaughter after he allegedly shook his girlfriend’s baby to death. Eric Thomas Trinchet, 28, was said to have killed the child while high on prescription drugs after he and his girlfriend got into a violent argument. He had taken Tianna Irizarry and her seven-week-old daughter Isabella from their home in Tampa, Florida to visit family in Lakeland on April 27 when the attack took place, authorities…