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Man Arrested After Planning to Attack Another Elementary School on the Same Day as Lanza

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Eventually, we will have enough of the violence.  A man in Indiana was arrested after allegedly planning to open fire in yet another elementary school.  The amazing thing about it is that he reportedly planned to conduct the crime on the same day as the recent incident at Sandy Hook Elementary.  The man was serious too – he had 47 guns and tons of ammunition in his possession and planned…

Permanently Disfigured: Woman Nearly Murders Husband Because He Voted for Obama

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The angry wife who ran her husband over with her SUV because he didn’t vote, may have permanently disfigured her spouse. The incident between 28-year-old Holly Solomon and her husband Daniel was sparked in an Arizona parking lot where the two had a public argument over the presidential election. Daniel said that his wife “just hated Obama” and was infuriated by his “lack of voter participation” in the election. She blamed…

UCLA Erroneously Tells 894 Wait-listed Students They’ve Been Accepted…OOPS!

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After all the prep work put into sending out numerous college applications, followed by the nerve wrecking waiting time to see if you got in, several hundred potential students were met with false excitement. A UCLA admissions mistake had 894 high school students believing they accepted into the school.Unfortunately, they were only on the wait-list. The UCLA admissions mistake caused letters to be sent to the wait-listed students along with…