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Man Says He Hasn’t Taken a Bath in 60 Years

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By Stephanie Allen-Gobert He’s single and looking for love! 80 year old, Amou Haji has a couple set- backs that might deter the normal bachelorette who is looking for love.  Mr. Haji has not washed for 60 years and he smokes animal feces. Mr. Haji chose this way of life after some emotional setbacks in his youth. Amou Haji has not washed for 60 years, because he believes being clean…

CDC Says That Americans Spend Too Much Time In The Bottle And It’s Costing Us Billions

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By: Stephanie Allen- Gobert Alcohol drinking causes about 88,000 deaths in the United States each year, and costs the economy about $224 billion annually.  According to the January vital signs edition of the Atlanta based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 38 million adults drink too much and most are not alcoholics. The excessive use of alcohol makes it the 3rd leading lifestyle-related cause of death for the…

How Does A Two-Year Old Test Positive For Marijuana?

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By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert According to CBS Denver, Evelyn a two year old toddler in Longmont, Colorado tested positive for TCH, the active ingredient in marijuana. The police in Longmont are trying hard to figure out how a two year old got marijuana in her hands and then later became sick. Evelyn tested positive for pot and ended up in the hospital. Evelyn’s mother, Aida Hernandez believes her daughter ate part…