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Missing Oregon mom found dead in remote area

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DUNDEE, Ore. — Missing Dundee mom Jennifer Huston has been found dead in a remote area of Yamhill County near Sheridan, police said. A property owner spotted her SUV along a dirt road about 1/8 of a mile from the closest home in the rural farming community near Sheridan. He alerted police around 10:30 a.m., and deputies soon found Huston’s body about 50 yards away from her vehicle, according to Capt. Jeff…

Woman takes the lives of three people, gets a $1,000 fine only

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Apparently, Florida is the state where you can take someone’s life and get a slap on the wrist.  A 79-year old woman lost control of her car last year and killed three people in a church parking lot.  Her sentence?  Loss of her license for one year and a $1,000 fine.  Apparently, the judge needed her to send more people to the grave. Doreene Landstra pleaded no contest to a…

Bad Move Buddy: Aaron Hernandez Indicted For Murder Of Odin Lloyd

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NFL player Aaron Hernandez is learning the hard way that you can’t do whatever you want just because you’ve got an NFL contract.  The 23-year old player passed up on $40 million in his deal so that he could trade it in for prison wages, at least that’s what prosecutors are saying about the young man.  It’s unfortunate, however, since he could have been so much more.  He’s on trial…

Fearless 9-year-old girl walks a mile in California darkness to seek help for her dad after car accident

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    Now that’s brave. Officials are praising a 9-year-old girl for her courage after she walked more than a mile in treacherous terrain to get help for her father when their car careened off a road in California early Sunday morning. The child’s dad ultimately died in the accident. Authorities say he lost control of his SUV after midnight, sending the car tumbling 200 feet down a ravine in…

Permanently Disfigured: Woman Nearly Murders Husband Because He Voted for Obama

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The angry wife who ran her husband over with her SUV because he didn’t vote, may have permanently disfigured her spouse. The incident between 28-year-old Holly Solomon and her husband Daniel was sparked in an Arizona parking lot where the two had a public argument over the presidential election. Daniel said that his wife “just hated Obama” and was infuriated by his “lack of voter participation” in the election. She blamed…

Mom Kills Daughter And Injures 4 Others As She Accidentally Runs Them Over In Her SUV

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A Maryland woman killed her daughter and sent four other children to the hospital with serious injuries after she accidentally ran over them in her SUV. Marianable Cruz-Lopez, 33, stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake as she attempted to back a Ford Expedition into a garage in Lewisdale, Maryland on Thursday, according to police in Prince George’s County. Instead of stopping, the SUV shot backward, killing Cruz-Lopez’s…