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4 states face gay marriage showdown in Cincinnati

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DETROIT — Michigan’s gay marriage ban is set for another legal showdown, only this one involves more players, more judges and likely more drama. On Wednesday, the historic civil rights case that centers on the right to marry heads to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, where three federal appeals judges will decide the fate of same-sex marriage bans in Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. In each of these…

The ‘Woman in Black’ Is a Social Media Mystery

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A woman walking the streets dressed all in black has been spotted in several states, but her motive remains a mystery.  An anonymous black woman dressed all in black is currently walking the streets of America with just a suitcase and Bible in tow. No one knows who this woman in black is, but she’s gone viral because folks on various social media are posting about her. The woman has…

Tennessee Couple Accused of Selling Their 4 Daughters To P*rnοgraphers

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By: Britt L According to Tennessee’s U.S. Attorney’s Office, an eastern Tennessee couple was arrested on Saturday and charged with crimes relating to renting out their four daughters, age 5 to 17, to pοrnοgraphers that paid them to perform sεxual acts. The office revealed that 61-year-old Ronnie Lee McCall and his wife, 40-year-old Connie Sue, forced their young daughters to perform sεx acts on film in and around their hometown…

16 Injured as Southwest Plane Crash Lands at LaGuardia

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Southwest Airlines is known for having high quality, safe and reliable service. The scariest nightmare for anyone who has ever gotten onto an airplane is the possibility that it could go down.  This is what passengers were facing this week, as the flight hit the ground too hard as the landing gear collapsed on the nose of the plane. Fortunately, there were no deaths, but the people are surely traumatized…

Florida Couple Makes $90,000 in Six Months Stealing Baby Formula

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Low on cash? Florida’s here to help you out with one of its signature, foolproof money-making schemes: stealing baby formula. The Sun Sentinel reports the fall of baby formula’s Bonnie and Clyde, Sonya Barbour and Glen Martin. Date night for the couple meant a jaunt to a Palm Springs Walmart, where they attempted to run off with two dozen cans of formula. On Thursday morning, Barbour, 32, and her fiance…

Tennessee police chief using lie detector to sniff out racists on his force

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    COOPERTOWN, Tenn. — A police chief hired to rebuild a tiny Tennessee department dismantled by scandal is using a lie-detector test to keep racists off his force. Coopertown Police Chief Shane Sullivan took over the department in November, becoming the 11th chief in as many years. He was hired on the heels of a series of police scandals that for a few months left Coopertown with no police…

Boy, 6, saves family from burning house at 4 a.m. because he was up playing Xbox

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    A six-year-old video-game fan saved his family-of-seven from a devastating 4 a.m. house blaze because he was still up playing Xbox. Little Taylor Hendrix raised the alarm when the fire broke out at his grandparents’ home in Brownsville, Tennessee, in the early hours of Saturday morning. His grandmother Paula Brown said were it not for his quick reactions, when he spotted smoke seeping into his room from the…

Fedex to Hire 20,000 For Holiday Season then Cut Thousands in 2013

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On Monday, FedEx announced that they would be hiring 20,000 temporary workers in preparation for a very busy holiday season. The leading US package delivery giant is expecting a surge in deliveries, this year, over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. FedEx Corp. is predicting that the day with the highest volume of deliveries will be  December 10. On December 10, the company expects to deliver  19 million shipments. This is…

Mom Beats Man With Baseball Bat For Allegedly Molesting Her Sons

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A 27-year-old mother of two young boys (eight and nine years of age) is being charged with assault after nearly beating a community coach to death for allegedly molesting her sons. “I asked my son, ‘Did he touch you bad, did he touch you down there?’ And my little boy said ‘Yes,’ and I said ‘Was it just you?’ And he said ‘No, he touched some more kids,’” Richmond told…