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Malyasian Airliner Goes Missing

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger As an international search and rescue mission trolls the Gulf of Thailand in search of missing Malaysian Airline Flight 370, a vast multi-national investigation has begun looking into four potential suspects who may have acted to crash the plane. Flight 370 with 239 passengers disappeared early Saturday morning, according to various news reports. The Malaysian government said that as many as four travelers on the plane…

Dancer Received Illegal Butt Implants – Left Deadly Silicone INSIDE HER LUNGS

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A Philadelphia woman dubbed “the Black Madam” used silicone from Thailand and Krazy Glue to perform at-home cosmetic surgery that left an exotic dancer with a plump derriere — and potentially deadly complications, the dancer testified Wednesday. Padge Windslowe charged $1,000 to perform injections on a dining room table at “pumping parties,” 23-year-old Shurkia King testified. But King suffered severe respiratory problems afterward and spent two weeks in the hospital….