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14-Year-Old Dies after Using Tampon for the First Time

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by Barry Burch Jr. Most of us never receive the opportunity to choose when or how we die.  Sadly; however, in some instances of death, prevention is possible.  One British family is dealing with the loss of a loved member who died suddenly from a cause that many are not knowledgeable about – toxic shock syndrome.  The family in reaction has commenced a campaign in hopes of drawing attention to the deadly illness.  Their 14-year-old daughter…

Mystery Illness Causes Teenager to Lose Both Legs

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Doctors in Portland are trying to figure out what caused an illness that a young woman is currently battling with. Whatever illness the 18-year-old is battling with has resulted in the amputation of both of her legs and may even claim her life if they cannot get to the bottom of it. Tabitha Schulke reported that she was experiencing flu-like symptoms on Thanksgiving morning. The illness began to progress shortly…