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Kent State Shοοting Leaves Student With Criminal Charges

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Whenever a school is notified of a possible gunman on its premises, there’s an immediate lockdown. Police are called and policies and procedures are followed. Viοlence on any school campus will always be taken seriously and with great caution. Kent State University was put on lockdown last Wednesday after it was reported that a student had a concealed weapοn and fired a shοt. The student…

Malyasian Airliner Goes Missing

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By Andrew Scot Bolsinger As an international search and rescue mission trolls the Gulf of Thailand in search of missing Malaysian Airline Flight 370, a vast multi-national investigation has begun looking into four potential suspects who may have acted to crash the plane. Flight 370 with 239 passengers disappeared early Saturday morning, according to various news reports. The Malaysian government said that as many as four travelers on the plane…

Woman Spent Her Life Seeking The Man Who Helped Her Get Out Of Hεll

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By David Bloodsaw An amazing story reported by NBCphiladelphia.com about a woman searching for the man that rescued her from Vietnam. Kim Delevett saw the play Ms. Saigon, which compelled her to search for the man that rescued her in 1975 in Vietnam. It took her 18 years to find the man who helped her. Delevett saw the play in 1992 with her then boyfriend (now husband) that prompted her…

Goodbye Susan Rice, Hello John Kerry: Obama to Tap Kerry as Secretary of State

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It is now being reported that President Barack Obama is going to tap John Kerry to be Secretary of State.  White House officials made the announcement that Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is the one they’d like to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton.  All of this is due to whether or not Kerry is confirmed by his fellow senators. The president is set to make a formal announcement…